SAMLAKS Marketing Solutions

Marketing… Individualised…

From the Founder’s Diary –

Samlaks Marketing Solutions was born out of a desire to explore ‘entrepreneurship’ and to give customized solutions for the marketing needs of the clients.

It didn’t stop there. My desire for exploration continued and led to addition of another line of business. So, in the year 2018, Peopod Services was set up for providing services concerning Event Management and HR Recruitment Consulting.


Great Vision without Great people is irrelevant. That’s how fundamental “human capital” is to any Company. The challenge lies in locating and recruiting such resources that can fit the bill. That’s when we step in to ease the process of identifying and aligning the best talents with your Company’s Vision. Our expertise hiring team shall strive to provide the best of advices at all levels of hiring in-order to fulfill the requirement of the company.
The challenge starts from identifying a right person for the right job. We are here to help the clients to match this challenge and get a right combination of human resources for better working capability of the company.


Event Management

With over a decade of service in the field of education, walking out of a classroom and stepping into a boardroom was no easy decision. Above all, choosing Event Management as my line of business would have raised many eyebrows.

But something that backed this desire was my exposure to and involvement in organising events (be it academic-oriented or of a social cause) during my tenure as a professor.